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Life In Legacy - Most Wanted Pics

Thanks to all who have sent me pictures in the past.
The following are people featured in Life In Legacy but without a photo.

Hi all, we have many pictures we need these are just some of them, it is impossible to keep up with this page, so if you find a photo, please send them to me. As you look over some of the new pages, please feel free if a photo is missing to also send that to me.

Note: please put date in your emails for the week of the photo and send only jpgs.

Thanks Gail
You will be sending all new photos to Helen...

Art and Literature

2001-02-09 Arlene Eisenberg Arlene Eisenberg, What to Expect author

2002-03-22 Eileen Farrell Eileen Farrell, opera singer

2008-01-01 Marylin Hafner Marylin Hafner, children's book illustrator

1969-05-09 Craig Kauffman Craig Kauffman, expatriate artist

1969-07-31 Michael Sellers Michael Sellers, author and son of Peter Sellers

1969-11-22 Corlies Smith Corlies (Cork) Smith, Editor

Business and Science

1969-09-02 Patrick Smith Patrick Smith, Habitat for Humanity International board member

News and Entertainment

2007-12-15 John B. Anderson John B. Anderson, animator

2001-06-22 Paul Berry Paul Berry, animator

2002-05-06 Otis Blackwell Otis Blackwell €“ Legendary songwriter

2002-11-03 Vanessa Cavanagh Vanessa Cavanagh, singer and actress

2004-11-15 Judy Corman Judy Corman, Head publicist for Scholastic, Inc.

2001-05-25 Deborah Couples Deborah Couples, ex-wife of golfer Fred Couples

1969-05-27 Nandrea Courts Nandrea Courts, Character actress

2001-01-19 Michael Cuccione Michael Cuccione, actor and singer

2008-03-15 Roberta ("Ro&qu Gorski Roberta "Ro" Gorski, film producer

2008-10-25 Kandice Hutchinson Kandice Hutchinson, appeared on MTV's A Double Shot at Love

2007-11-10 Ayuna Kamal Ayuna Kamal, daughter of Malaysian film star Mustafa Kamal

2001-05-04 Bonnie Lee Bakley Bonnie Lee Bakley, wife of actor Robert Blake

1969-12-31 Hy Lit Hy Lit, longtime Philadelphia broadcaster

2002-12-19 Marilyn McArthur Marilyn McArthur, "The Black Six" actress

2008-07-05 Tommy Milburn Tommy Milburn, SSRIs drummer

2008-09-27 Jamene Miller Jamene Miller, South Florida rocker

2008-02-23 Mihaela Mitrache Mihaela Mitrache, Romanian actress

2002-01-18 Reggie Montgomery Reggie Montgomery, actor

2001-02-09 Anne Morrow Lindbergh Anne Morrow Lindbergh, author and widow of aviator Charles Lindbergh

1969-09-29 Kerry Murray Kerry Murray, musician

1969-06-09 Lynne Randall Lynne Randall, Australian pop star

2002-05-10 Yves Robert Yves Robert - Film director

1969-12-01 Edwin Shanke Edwin Shanke, journalist

2008-11-01 Tiffany Sloan Tiffany Sloan, former Playboy model

2001-05-11 Jennifer Stahl Jennifer Stahl, “Dirty Dancing’’ actress

2007-04-07 Erika Strong Erika Strong, SuicideGirls model

2001-04-06 Jennifer Syme Jennifer Syme, actress and girlfriend of Keanu Reeves

2007-09-29 Inkyo Volt Hwang Inkyo Volt Hwang, porn director

2002-10-28 Melea Walker Melea Danae McNair Walker, blues musician

2008-05-03 Mickey Waller Mickey Waller, famed rock drummer

Politics and Military

2002-03-22 Abdullah bin Laden Abdullah bin Laden, uncle of Osama bin Laden

1969-10-19 Eugene Bishop Eugene Bishop, Yellow Creek Port Authority (Miss.) director

2009-03-14 Edith Lucie Bongo Edith Lucie Bongo, wife of Gabonese President Omar Bongo

2008-09-27 Kirsten Brydum Kirsten Brydum, political activist

2009-04-18 Toi Aukuso Cain Toi Aukuso Cain, Samoan politician-turned-murderer

2008-01-01 Christine Durbin Christine Durbin, daughter of Sen. Dick Durbin

1969-12-03 Gerald FitzGerald Gerald FitzGerald, Duke of Leinster

2008-04-26 Phyllis Holden Macey Phyllis Holden Macey, first wife of Bob Dole

2006-04-24 Nasreen Huq Nasreen Pervin Huq, women's activist and Director of Action Aid

2008-12-06 Rawson Macharia Rawson Macharia, falsely testified against Jomo Kenyatta

2007-09-01 Tomas Medina Caracas Tomas Medina Caracas, Colombian guerilla member of FARC

2001-06-15 Leila Pahlavi Leila Pahlavi, Iranian princess

2009-05-18 Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan Thillaiyampalam Sivanesan, leader of LTTE's navy wing Sea Tigers

Society and Religion

1969-03-09 Bryan Zuckor & Randy Gordon Bryan Zuckor and Randy Gordon, slain California high school students

2002-02-15 Princess Margaret Armstrong-Jones Princess Margaret of England

2001-06-01 King Birendra King Birendra, King of Nepal

1968-11-11 Bali Bombers Bali bombers

2002-04-05 Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon Elizabeth Bowes-Loyon, Queen Elizabeth's mum

2001-06-08 Marie Bremont Marie Bremont, world's oldest person

2007-01-27 Alberta Davis Alberta Davis, claimed to be the world\'s oldest person

2001-02-23 Priscilla Davis Priscilla Davis, survived the 1976 multiple shooting attacks

2001-06-22 Yvonne Dionne Yvonne Dionne, one of the famed Dionne quints

2001-06-01 Prince Dipendra Prince Dipendra, Nepalese prince who killed his family

2009-02-14 Thomas Francis Edwards Thomas Francis Edwards, California death row inmate

2007-04-14 Mary Ewen Mary Ewen, world's oldest person?

1969-10-30 Sedigh Faaly Sedigh Faaly, step-grandmother of Nima

2002-03-22 Maude Farris-Luse Maude Farris-Luse, world's oldest person

2001-03-02 Gin Kanie Gin Kanie, oldest female twin

1969-08-15 Beatrice Kozera Beatrice Kozera, girl in Kerouac book

2009-04-10 Johnnie McCain Johnnie McCain, was married for 80 years

2001-06-15 Timothy McVeigh Timothy McVeigh, Oklahoma killer

2001-04-20 Glen Moyer Glen Moyer, oldest male twin

2007-06-02 Folole Muliaga Folole Muliage, terminally ill Somoan

2001-03-02 John Painter John Painter, world's oldest man

2009-04-03 Matthew Porter Matthew Porter, ex-mayor of Iowa's smallest town

2009-04-25 Emilia Revello Emilia Revello, oldest Italian

2007-05-18 Albert Rock Albert Rock, convicted child killer

2007-05-11 Arthur Ruiz Jr. Arthur Ruiz, Jr., decapitated his mother, then himself

2002-04-26 Robert Steinhauser Robert Steinhauser, school shooter

2001-01-12 Princess Vera Konstantinovna Princess Vera Konstantinovna, Russian royalty

2007-11-24 Adam Wayman Adam Wayman, suspected drunk driver who killed football star's family


2008-09-27 Matthew Tryson Bryant Matthew Tryson Bryant, infant son of Tampa Bay Bucs kicker Matt Bryant

2008-04-05 Wang Donglei Wang Donglei, Chinese football star

2008-12-25 Justin Eilers Justin Eilers, MMA fighter

2007-11-24 Lequisa Stacy Lequisa Stacy, daughter of football star Siran Stacy

2001-01-26 Diane Whipple Diane Whipple, lacrosse player and dog attack victim


In cleaning out the older entries, I didn’t want the “Thanks!’’ for submitting Most Wanted Pictures to be lost. So here goes:

Thank you!!!!

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