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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, November 11, 2023

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John Bailey
Monday, 10th August 1942 - Friday, 10th November 2023 (81)
Frank Borman
Wednesday, 14th March 1928 - Tuesday, 7th November 2023 (95)
United States Air Force (USAF) colonel, aeronautical engineer, NASA astronaut, test pilot, and businessman. Commanded the Apollo 8 mission.
Evan Ellingson
Friday, 1st July 1988 - Sunday, 5th November 2023 (35)
Spiros Focas
Tuesday, 17th August 1937 - Friday, 10th November 2023 (86)
Anne Hart
Actor / Dancer / Singer
1933 - Sunday, 5th November 2023
Long married to British comedian, Ronnie Corbett
Roger Kastel
Thursday, 11th June 1931 - Wednesday, 8th November 2023 (92)
Artist whose work included posters for the movies Jaws and The Empire Strikes Back
Janet Landgard
Tuesday, 2nd December 1947 - Monday, 6th November 2023 (75)
Ross McDonnell
Director / Cinematographer
c1978 - Sunday, 5th November 2023
Johnny Ruffo
Actor / Singer
Tuesday, 8th March 1988 - Friday, 10th November 2023 (35)
Many appearances in Australian soap, Home and Away as well as X Factor. Succumbed to brain cancer after an original diagnosis in 2017.
Tim Woodward
Friday, 24th April 1953 - Thursday, 9th November 2023 (70)