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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, August 26, 2023

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Bob Barker
Wednesday, 12th December 1923 - Saturday, 26th August 2023 (99)
Terry Funk
Wrestler / Actor
Friday, 30th June 1944 - Wednesday, 23rd August 2023 (79)
Hersha Parady
Friday, 25th May 1945 - Wednesday, 23rd August 2023 (78)
American actress most associated with the role of Alice Garvey in Little House on the Prairie.
Claude Picasso
Thursday, 15th May 1947 - Thursday, 24th August 2023 (76)
Arleen Sorkin
Friday, 14th October 1955 - Saturday, 26th August 2023 (67)
Bray Wyatt
Saturday, 23rd May 1987 - Thursday, 24th August 2023 (36)