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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, August 19, 2023

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Patricia Bredin
Thursday, 14th February 1935 - Sunday, 13th August 2023 (88)
Nancy Frangione
Friday, 10th July 1953 - Friday, 18th August 2023 (70)
Matyelok Gibbs
Monday, 1st August 1932 - Monday, 14th August 2023 (91)
Ray Hildebrand
Saturday, 21st December 1940 - Friday, 18th August 2023 (82)
Along with Jill Jackson became Paul & Paula with the hit single, "Hey, Paula" in 1962.
Ron Cephas Jones
Wednesday, 8th January 1947 - Saturday, 19th August 2023 (76)
Sarah Lawson
Monday, 6th August 1928 - Friday, 18th August 2023 (95)
Lolita / Tokitae
Sea World Orca
1964 - Friday, 18th August 2023
Michael Parkinson
Talk Show Host / Actor / Presenter
Thursday, 28th March 1935 - Wednesday, 16th August 2023 (88)
The UK's premiere late night talk show host for 30 odd years from 1971 at his best when paired with comics such as Billy Connelly but also managed unlikely rapport with such as Muhammed Ali.