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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, March 4, 2023

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Ricou Browning
Diver / Actor / Stuntman / Producer / Writer
Sunday, 23rd November 1930 - Monday, 27th February 2023 (92)
An actor who made a splash with his role as the titular swimming version of The Creature from the Black Lagoon and went on to produce and write for the Flipper franchise and managed to find time to indulge a number of other aquatic themed films such as Thunderball and Hello Down there among others.
Julian Christopher
Tuesday, 7th November 1944 - Sunday, 26th February 2023 (78)
Ted Donaldson
Sunday, 20th August 1933 - Wednesday, 1st March 2023 (89)
Sara Lane
Saturday, 12th March 1949 - Friday, 3rd March 2023 (73)
David Lindley
Tuesday, 21st March 1944 - Friday, 3rd March 2023 (78)
Guitarist and vocalist for Jackson Browne among others.
Steve Mackey
Musician / Producer
Thursday, 10th November 1966 - Thursday, 2nd March 2023 (56)
Bassist for band Pulp
Irma Serrano
Actor / Politician
Saturday, 9th December 1933 - Wednesday, 1st March 2023 (89)
Firebrand Mexican actress/dancer/singer who in 1994 embarked on a polical career
Wayne Shorter
Friday, 25th August 1933 - Thursday, 2nd March 2023 (89)
Jazz saxophonist, played with Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and Miles Davis, co-founded jazz fusion band Weather Report. Winner of 12 Grammys.

Tom Sizemore
Friday, 29th September 1961 - Friday, 3rd March 2023 (61)
Astonishingly good character actor in a variety of high profile films