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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, February 4, 2023

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Eugene Iglesias
Friday, 3rd December 1926 - Saturday, 4th February 2023 (96)
Fred la Marmotte
Weather Prognosticator
- Thursday, 2nd February 2023
2023: Fred la Marmotte was Canada's current weather predictor but alas was found deceased before his curtain call. It is believed he may have passed at anytime in the past few months.
Lanny Poffo
Tuesday, 28th December 1954 - Thursday, 2nd February 2023 (68)
Canadian born WWE wrestler who styles himself Leaping Lanny or The Genius
Paco Rabanne
Sunday, 18th February 1934 - Friday, 3rd February 2023 (88)
Francisco Rabaneda Cuervo aka Paco Rabanne, designer of apparel, jewelry and perfumes
George R. Robertson
Thursday, 20th April 1933 - Sunday, 29th January 2023 (89)
Prolific Canadian actor often to be found in the Police Academy franchise.
Louis Velle
Saturday, 29th May 1926 - Thursday, 2nd February 2023 (96)
Annie Wersching
Monday, 28th March 1977 - Sunday, 29th January 2023 (45)
American actress much on TV, turned in a memorable Borg Queen in the Picard TV show
George P. Wilbur
Thursday, 6th March 1941 - Wednesday, 1st February 2023 (81)