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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, January 14, 2023

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Robbie Bachman
Wednesday, 18th February 1953 - Thursday, 12th January 2023 (69)
Drummer for Brave Belt and Bachman–Turner Overdrive
Jeff Beck
Saturday, 24th June 1944 - Tuesday, 10th January 2023 (78)
Al Brown
- Friday, 13th January 2023
Wally Campo
Monday, 23rd April 1923 - Saturday, 14th January 2023 (99)
Carole Cook
Monday, 14th January 1924 - Wednesday, 11th January 2023 (98)
Melinda Dillon
Friday, 13th October 1939 - Monday, 9th January 2023 (83)
Piers Haggard
Saturday, 18th March 1939 - Wednesday, 11th January 2023 (83)
Bernard Kalb
Saturday, 4th February 1922 - Sunday, 8th January 2023 (100)
An old school journalist, founding anchor of CNN's Reliable Sources.

"You face a choice, as an American, as a spokesman, as a journalist, whether to allow oneself to be absorbed in the ranks of silence, whether to vanish into unopposed acquiescence or to enter a modest dissent. Faith in the word of America is the pulse beat of our democracy." Words our current crop of supposed journalists should take to heart.

Ben Masters
Tuesday, 6th May 1947 - Wednesday, 11th January 2023 (75)
Tatjana Patitz
Friday, 25th March 1966 - Wednesday, 11th January 2023 (56)
Lisa Marie Presley
Thursday, 1st February 1968 - Thursday, 12th January 2023 (54)