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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, December 17, 2022

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Angelo Badalamenti
Monday, 22nd March 1937 - Sunday, 11th December 2022 (85)
Ubiquitous film score composer often to be found working with David Lynch and best at generating tranquil melodies with underlying disquiet.
Stephen Boss
Wednesday, 29th September 1982 - Tuesday, 13th December 2022 (40)
Chris Boucher
Writer / Script Editor
1943 - Sunday, 11th December 2022
Writer responsible for much childhood angst, bless him from Doctor Who through THAT Blake's 7 finale and then tv detectives from Shoestring to Juliet Bravo.
Mike Hodges
Director / Writer
Friday, 29th July 1932 - Saturday, 17th December 2022 (90)
Eclectic British writer/director whose output, when the stars aligned, could be magnificent cinema.
Stuart Margolin
Actor / Director / Writer
Wednesday, 31st January 1940 - Monday, 12th December 2022 (82)
Michael Reed
Sunday, 7th July 1929 - Thursday, 15th December 2022 (93)
Kim Simmonds
Musician / Singer / Songwriter
Friday, 5th December 1947 - Tuesday, 13th December 2022 (75)
Guitarist with Savoy Brown
Ali Spice
Social Media Star
Saturday, 17th November 2001 - Sunday, 11th December 2022 (21)
Alexandra Dulin better known as Ali Spice on social media platoforms
Chris Tucker
Sunday, 23rd March 1941 - Wednesday, 14th December 2022 (81)