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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, June 18, 2022

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Maureen Arthur
Sunday, 15th April 1934 - Wednesday, 15th June 2022 (88)
Philip Baker Hall
Thursday, 10th September 1931 - Sunday, 12th June 2022 (90)
Portrayer of gruff military or patriarchal types par excellance. Doozy of a performance as Richard Nixon in Secret Honor.
Internet Explorer
Wednesday, 16th August 1995 - Wednesday, 15th June 2022 (26)
Microsoft's flagship internet browser for 26 years. First appeared as part of the Plus! upgrade for Windows 95 and dragged on with patches and upgrades thru Windows 11.
Jon Menick
Sunday, 11th February 1951 - Sunday, 12th June 2022 (71)
Prolific American character actor probably most recognizable from his advertising work, notably a series of Burger King commercials encouraging patrons to locate "Herb".
Gordon Peters
Monday, 29th November 1926 - Wednesday, 15th June 2022 (95)
Tyler Sanders
Wednesday, 25th February 2004 - Thursday, 16th June 2022 (18)
Jean-Louis Trintignant
Thursday, 11th December 1930 - Friday, 17th June 2022 (91)