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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, April 9, 2022

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Rae Allen
Saturday, 3rd July 1926 - Wednesday, 6th April 2022 (95)
June Brown
Wednesday, 16th February 1927 - Sunday, 3rd April 2022 (95)
Con Cluskey
Monday, 18th November 1935 - Friday, 8th April 2022 (86)
Dwayne Haskins
Saturday, 3rd May 1997 - Saturday, 9th April 2022 (24)
American football quarterback enjoyed great success with Ohio State before joining the professional league. Killed when struck by a vehicle.
Ohio State (2016-2018)
Washington Redskins / Washington Football Team (2019–2020)
Pittsburgh Steelers (2021)
Thursday, 23rd June 1955 - Sunday, 3rd April 2022 (66)
Pamela Rooke aka "Jordan" worked at Vivienne Westwood's Punk boutique, Sex, in the King's Road and would become part of the entourage of The Sex Pistols band. Later managed Adam and the Ants.
Kathy Lamkin
Wednesday, 10th December 1947 - Monday, 4th April 2022 (74)
Christopher Muncke
Friday, 24th July 1942 - Wednesday, 6th April 2022 (79)

American actor, much on British stage and screen in the 70s and 80s. Co-founded the London Theatre Group with Steven Berkoff in 1970. Retired from acting in 1989 to become a schoolteacher in Hertfordshire.

Henry Patterson
Author (as Jack Higgins)
Saturday, 27th July 1929 - Saturday, 9th April 2022 (92)
Nehemiah Persoff
Saturday, 2nd August 1919 - Tuesday, 5th April 2022 (102)
Betty Rowland
Sunday, 23rd January 1916 - Sunday, 3rd April 2022 (106)
Notable for being a burlesque dancer at Minksy's in New York before heading for a career in California where she clocked up a few movie credits.
Bobby Rydell
Sunday, 26th April 1942 - Tuesday, 5th April 2022 (79)