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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, April 2, 2022

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Mira Calix
1970 - Monday, 28th March 2022
Electronic and avant garde musician and artist contributed to the London 2012 Olympics and worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company on productions.
Ernie Carroll
Sunday, 26th May 1929 - Wednesday, 30th March 2022 (92)
Multi-talented Australian televison personality, creator and puppeteer of the popular Oswald Q "Ossie" Ostrich
Marvin J. Chomsky
Film & TV Director
Thursday, 23rd May 1929 - Monday, 28th March 2022 (92)
Prolific director of mostly US television which speaks to skill and efficiency, including three classic Star Treks, Mssion: Impossibles and Hawaii Five-O's.
Estelle Harris
Sunday, 22nd April 1928 - Saturday, 2nd April 2022 (93)
Paul Herman
Friday, 29th March 1946 - Tuesday, 29th March 2022 (76)
Very "New York" character actor probably most famous for playing 'Beansie' Gaeta in The Sopranos who has a close encounter with Richie Aprile's vehicle.
Maksim Levin
Tuesday, 7th July 1981 - Friday, 1st April 2022 (40)
A documentary film-maker who had contributed to Reuters’ coverage of the Ukraine since 2013. Working for Ukrainian site when killed during hostilities near Kyiv.
Patricia MacLachlan
Thursday, 3rd March 1938 - Thursday, 31st March 2022 (84)
English teacher who became an author of over 60 books including Sarah, Plain and Tall
Anthony Mockus Sr.
Thursday, 13th June 1929 - Friday, 1st April 2022 (92)
Valora Noland
Monday, 8th December 1941 - Sunday, 27th March 2022 (80)
Valor Baum aka author, Valora Tree, aka actress Valora Noland
Tom Parker
Thursday, 4th August 1988 - Wednesday, 30th March 2022 (33)
X-Factor contestant who acheived fame as a singer with pop band, The Wanted.
Chelsie Whibley
- Saturday, 2nd April 2022
Jennifer Wilson
Monday, 25th April 1932 - Tuesday, 29th March 2022 (89)
Barrie Youngfellow
Tuesday, 22nd October 1946 - Monday, 28th March 2022 (75)
John Zaritsky
Tuesday, 13th July 1943 - Wednesday, 30th March 2022 (78)