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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, February 26, 2022

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Ralph Ahn
Tuesday, 28th September 1926 - Saturday, 26th February 2022 (95)
Stewart Bevan
Wednesday, 10th March 1948 - Sunday, 20th February 2022 (73)
Prolific British actor in film and TV, cornering the market in long hair intellectuals for awhile. Possibly best remembered for his role as Professor Clifford Jones in the Doctor Who serial The Green Death, where his charactor rode off into the sunset with companion, Jo Grant. And in the life imitates art department the actor did marry his co-star, Katy Manning.
Tova Borgnine
Monday, 17th November 1941 - Saturday, 26th February 2022 (80)
Born in Oslo, Norway, her family moved to the US after WW2. After some modelling and acting work she moved into the make up side of the business and ran a skin care salon in Las Vegas, In 1971 she met actor Ernest Borgnine on a blind date and by 1973 the couple were married. While on location with the actor in Mexico she was introduced to a local cactus based skin care lotion. Taking the recipe to Hollywood and inadvertantly promoted by Ernest in 1977, the product took off.
Jamal Edwards
Friday, 24th August 1990 - Sunday, 20th February 2022 (31)
Farrah Forke
Friday, 12th January 1968 - Friday, 25th February 2022 (54)
Made her debut on the Dallas stage and moved to New York to study at the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, notable for appearances in Wings and Lois and Clark. Her parents named her Farrah after liking the name of a fellow high school student they knew - Farrah Fawcett.
Laurel Goodwin
Tuesday, 11th August 1942 - Friday, 25th February 2022 (79)
Anna Karen
Saturday, 19th September 1936 - Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 (85)
After appearing as dolly birds in some early British comedy films she made her mark as the perenially dowdy Olive in the hit London Weekend Television comedy series, On the Buses, which ran for 5 years and spawned 3 successful movies for the Hammer film company. Died in a fire at her home in Ilford, Essex.
Sally Kellerman
Wednesday, 2nd June 1937 - Thursday, 24th February 2022 (84)
Striking blonde prolific actress of stage, film and television. Her television immortality is ensured by popping up as an Enterprise crewman 'gifted' with God like powers in the episode, Where No Man Has Gone Before. A member of Robert Altman's informal stock company, she had a memorable turn as Major Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan in M*A*S*H (Kellerman lookalike, Loretta Swit, took over for the TV series). The song, Sally, by Grand Funk Railroad is about her time with band member, Mark Farner.
Mark Lanegan
Wednesday, 25th November 1964 - Tuesday, 22nd February 2022 (57)
Lead singer for Screaming Trees, he was also known as a member of Queens of the Stone Age and The Gutter Twins as well as a solo career.
Henry Lincoln
Wednesday, 12th February 1930 - Thursday, 24th February 2022 (92)
Lev Mailer
Friday, 20th October 1933 - Thursday, 24th February 2022 (88)
Riky Rick
Saturday, 20th June 1987 - Wednesday, 23rd February 2022 (34)