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Life In Legacy - Week ending Saturday, February 19, 2022

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Gary Brooker
Tuesday, 29th May 1945 - Saturday, 19th February 2022 (76)
Keyboardist and lead singer for the band, Procol Harum.
Brad Johnson
Saturday, 24th October 1959 - Friday, 18th February 2022 (62)
P.J. O'Rourke
Friday, 14th November 1947 - Tuesday, 15th February 2022 (74)
Lindsey Pearlman
Thursday, 5th October 1978 - Sunday, 13th February 2022 (43)
Actress who appeared in Chicago Justice and General Hospital among others. Started out in theater with Second City Conservatory in Chicago with much stage work, improv and comedy.
Jan Pienkowski
Jan PieĊ„kowski
- Saturday, 19th February 2022
Pienkowski's family made their way to England from Poland after fleeing the Nazis. Work for Granta magazine and a stint as illustrator on the BBC children's program, Watch!. In 1972 a collaboration with author, Helen Nicoll, yielded the successful Meg & Mog series of children's books.
Jack Smethurst
Saturday, 9th April 1932 - Wednesday, 16th February 2022 (89)
Alfred Sole
Friday, 2nd July 1943 - Tuesday, 15th February 2022 (78)
Billy Watson
Tuesday, 25th December 1923 - Thursday, 17th February 2022 (98)
Member of an acting clan including siblings, Coy, Vivian, Gloria, Louise, Harry, Delmar, Garry, and Bob who all appeared in juvenile roles in American film.
Ron Yrabedra
1944 - Friday, 18th February 2022