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Life In Legacy - Week of July 13, 2002

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Rod Steiger - Legendary actor Winnifred Vera Quick Van Tongerloo - Titanic survivor Laurent Schwartz - Mathematician Dhairajlal Ambani - Wealthy businessman Monroe E. Wall - Scientist Burlon Craig - Potter Paul Weiss - Philosopher Gene Kan - Internet entrepreneur Charles Burns - Ping-pong champ Rose Nix Leo - Journalist Erik Dietman - Sculptor Ward Kimball - Disney animator Sid Avery - Celebrity photographer W. Maxwell Cowan - Neurobiologist Lore Noto - Fantasticks producer Quincy Wong - Actor Kenneth Koch - Poet William B. Ruger - Gun maker Margaret Lynn - Theatre director Greta Blanco Caride - Transplant patient Rod Beaton - UPI President John Heagan Eames - Artist Coval Russell - Oldest CA prisoner Gerald Champion - Actor Joanne Williamson - Author Jimmie Lee Robinson - Bluesman Jim Cherry - Punk rocker Dave Sorenson - College basketball player John Wallach - Seeds of Peace founder Kenneth MacKenzie - Nuclear physicist Morris Pynoos - Inventor Kirk Kilgour - Volleyball player Count Jan Zamoyski - 16th master of Zamosc Grant Cunningham - Record executive Mayo Kaan - Superman model Alan Shulman - Composer Joachim Egon Fuerst zu Fuerstenberg - Nobleman Bernardas Brazdzionis - Poet Tim McLaurin - Novelist Sandie Rocco - Dancer Gord Sinclair - Broadcaster Ronald Fracker - Pianist Herb McDonald - Buffet inventor Carlton Reese - Civil rights activist Sam Whipple - Actor Clarence Lightner - Former mayor Michael McLaughlin - Cookbook author Dorle Soria – Angel Records founder Richard Gerstenberg - CEO of GM Joe Roach - Champion golfer

News and Entertainment
Edmondo Amati - Film director/producer known for the unforgettable classics "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" and "Invasion of the Flesh Hunters" died (May 5) at age 82.
Gerald Champion - British actor known for playing “Billy Bunter” in the long-running British series and best known in the U.S. for his role in “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang” died at age 81.
Jim Cherry - Punk rock singer and bassist for the the group Zero Down died of a drug overdose at age 30.
Ronald Fracker - Midwest based concert pianist, theatre musical director and college instructor died of AIDS complications at age 47.
Mayo Kaan - Bodybuilder who claimed to be the original model for Superman died at age 88.
Ward Kimball - One of the "Nine Old Men" animators at Disney studios who worked on movies like "Snow White" and who designed Jiminy Cricket died at age 88.
Margaret Lynn - "Actress technician" for the Army and later director of the Army Music & Theatre program which recruited military personnel to put on productions during war and peace died of lung cancer at age 81.
Ivan Moffet - Oscar-nominated screenwriter (“Giant”) and associated producer (“Shane”, “A Place In the Sun”) died of a stroke at age 84.
Lore Noto - Producer of "The Fantisticks" which ran on Broadway from 1960 until January 2002, the longest-running musical ever, died of cancer at age 79.
Jimmie Lee Robinson - Chicago-area bluesman who had just completed recording a new album was found dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound (he had recently been diagnosed with cancer) at age 71.
Sandie Rocco - Dancer and wife of actor Alex Rocco died of cancer age 59.
Alan Shulman
- Composer and cellist whose works have been performed by orchestras worldwide and who is known for his viola compositions including "A Laurentian Overture" died at age 86.
Hal Sims - An announcer on CBS from 1948 to 1972 on shows like "Beat the Clock", "To Tell the Truth" and "The Edge of Night" (with the emphasis on "edge") died at age 83.
Gord Sinclair - Longtime Montreal radio broadcaster and executive who was the son of legendary Canadian broadcaster Gordon Sinclair("The Americans - A Canadian's Opinion") died after a stroke at age 74.
Rod Steiger - Academy-award winning actor known for classic films like "On the Waterfront" and "In the Heat of the Night" died from complications after gall bladder surgery at age 77.
Sam Whipple - Bespeckled actor who appeared in shows like "The Larry Sanders Show", "Seinfield" and "Home Improvement" died of cancer at age 41.
Quincy Wong - Actor who appeared in the films "Mo' Money" and "Novacaine" died of a heart attack at age 48.

Charles L. Burns - U.S. Table Tennis HOF inductee who was Michigan's state champion 18 times died of heart failure at age 85.
Kirk Kilgore - All-American volleyball player at UCLA who was left a quadriplegic from a neck injury and who later became a motivational speaker for whom the movie "The Kirk Kilgore Story" is based died of pneumonia at age 54.
Joe Roach - Miami-area golfer who was a three-time Negro national champion from 1953-55 (when golf was segregated) died at age 84.
Dave Sorenson - Center on the 1968 Ohio State basketball team that reached the Final Four and who later played in the NBA died of cancer at age 54.

Art and Literature
Sid Avery - Iconic Hollywood photographer from the 50's and 60's whose photos included famous shots of Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor died of cancer at age 81.
Bernardas Brazdzionis - Lithuanian-American poet who emigrated to the U.S. in 1949 whose poetry often focused on the plight of his homeland under communist rule died at age 95.
Burlon Craig - Potter who helped revive and renew interest in the Catawba Valley tradition of pottery-making and whose works are on display in the Smithsonian died at the age of 88.
Erik Dietman - Swedish-born sculptor whose most famous work was a sculpture of three chairs, each with a leg cut off and supported by a live cactus, died of cancer at age 65.
John Heagen Eames - Artist known for his etchings and prints who was still active until his death was killed in a car accident on May 10 at age 101.
Kenneth Koch - Poet known for his long association with the New York School of poetry, whose poetry was more action-oriented rather than confessional, died of leukemia at age 77.
Rose Nix Leo - Journalist who wrote newspaper articles in Elk County Kansas for 91 years including the column "Rose's Last Scrap" until she was 105 died from complications of a fall at 108.
Michael McLaughlin - Chef and author of several notable cookbooks including "Silver Palate Cookbook" and "The Jimtown Store Cookbook" died of unknown causes at age 53.
Tim McLaurin - Novelist with a devoted following who was once a snake-handling marine known for novels like "Woodrow's Trumpet" and "Cured By Fire" died of cancer at age 48.
Joanne Williamson - Author whose religious-themed historical novels have recently become popular with Christian home-schoolers (30 years after she quit writing) and who had recently published several new novels died at age 77.

Politics and Social
Greta Blanco Caride - Girl who came to the U.S. from Cuba as an 8-year old weighing 26 lbs for a kidney transplant after a long fight for permission from both U.S. and Cuban officials died of kidney failure at age 17.
Samuel "Little Sammy" Corsaro - Mobster known for his 5'5" height and long association with mob kingpin John Gotti was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in his home at age 59.
Joachim Egon Fuerst zu Fuerstenberg - German nobleman best known for having a famous name in Germany and making world obituary columns died at age 79.
Clarence Lightner - The first and only black mayor of Raleigh, North Carolina died at age 80.
Carlton Reese - Civil rights activist and director of the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights Choir died from an aneurysm at age 60.
Coval Russell - California’s oldest inmate who was released from prison less than two weeks ago despite his pleas to stay in prison jumped to his death at age 92.
Winnifred Vera Quick Van Tongerloo - One of only 4 remaining survivors from the Titanic died at age 98.
Paul Voinovich - Brother of Ohio Senator George Voinovich who had been at the center of corruption investigations in his contracting business dealings died of a stroke at age 59.
John Wallach - Former Middle Eastern news correspondent who left the business to start the Seeds of Peace organization, a camp in the U.S. for Arab and Israeli teenagers to meet their “enemies”, died of lung cancer at age 59.
Count Jan Zamoyski - The 16th master of Zamosc, once Polands biggest landowner, who lost everything to the Nazis in WW2 but rose from the ashes after years of imprisonment to serve in the Polish Senate died at the age of 90.

Business and Science
Dhirajlal Hirachand Ambani - Indian billionaire (138th richest in world) and businessman who owned Reliance Industries and Reliance Petroleum died after a heart attack at age 69.
Rod Beaton - Former UPI president who lead the news service through change and technological innovation died of heart failure at age 79.
Christian Bizot - Patriarch of the Bollinger French Champaign house died of a heart attack at age 73.
W. Maxwell Cowan - Neurobiologist and a former vice president of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute which played a role in advances in research on cancer, heart disease and muscular dystrophy died of prostate cancer at age 70.
Grant Cunningham - Songwriter and VP of A&R at Sparrow Records who developed the Christian groups Avalon and Jump5 died from a head injury received playing soccer at age 37.
Richard Gerstenberg - CEO of General Motors from 1972 to 1974 during the time when rising gas prices hurt the sales of GM's big cars died at age 92.
Gene Kan - A pioneer in the music swapping community who developed the Unix verions of Gnutella and the Infrasearch search engine which was later sold to Sun Microsystems died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound at age 25.
Kenneth MacKenzie - Physicist who helped discover the element astatine and worked on the atomic bomb under Earnest O. Lawrence as a student at UCLA (like who hasn't built an atomic bomb as part of their college education) died after a stroke at age 90.
Herb McDonald - Former director of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and casino promoter at several hotels who is credited with the idea of the cheap all-you-can-eat buffets to bring in gamblers died at age 83.
Morris Pynoos - Engineer who invented the nail gun, first used in building Howard Hughes’s Spruce Goose died at age 84.
William B. Ruger - Founder of Sturm, Ruger and Co., one of the largest makers of firearms in the U.S. died at age 86.
Laurent Schwartz - Esteemed French mathematician who developed the theory of distribution and won the Fields Medal in 1950 died at the age of 87.
Dorle Soria - Opera and classical music record executive and author who co-founded Angel Records with her husband died at age 101.
Dr. Monroe E. Wall - Co-discoverer of the anti-cancer drug Taxol died of heart and kidney problems at age 85.
Dr. Paul Weiss - Prominent metaphysician and author who taught until he was in his 90's, published a book last year and was working on another book died of a heart ailment at age 101.

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