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Life In Legacy - Week of June 28, 2002

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John Entwistle - Who bassist Daryl Kile - Major league pitcher Ann Landers - Legendary columnist Timothy White - Billboard editor Nancy Addison-Altman - Soap opera actress Fadzil Noor - Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party president Justin Dart - Disabilities activist Chang Cheh - Kung Fu filmmaker Ron Kline - 'Callery Hummer' Dan Case - JPMorgan H&Q CEO Taiyo - Beloved giraffe Pedro Alcazar - Flyweight champ Cartoon by John Dempsey Dolores Gray - Performer John Strzykalski - Original 49'er Rusty Bernstein - Anti-apartheid activist James Wayne Boyer - Rockabilly guitarist and drummer I.W. 'Tubby' Burnham - Investment firm founder Derrek Dickey - NBA player Elizabeth Douvan - Social psychologist Choi Hong Hi - Father of Taekwon-Do Slick Lawson - Album cover photographer Joe Scott - Flyers owner Berl Senofsky - Violinist Harold Visotsky - Noted psychiatrist Johnny Morrow - Iron Monkey singer Pierre Werner - Prime Minister of Luxembourg Miles Fitzalan-Howard - Duke of Norfolk David O. Cooke - 'Mayor of the Pentagon' Randy Jones - Doo-wop singer Albert Solnit - Child psychiatrist Philip Whalen - Beat generation poet Jay Berwanger - First Heisman winner Robert Dorfman - Harvard economist John Wirth - Latin American expert Matt Dennis - Angel Eyes composer Homaira Shah - Afghan queen Albert Band - 'I Bury the Dead' producer George Paterno - Penn State football announcer Bobby Roberts - Clemson basketball coach Nellie Monk - Jazz widow Willie Fay Lewis - Lighthouse For the Blind founder Duane West - Jordannaire

News and Entertainment
Nancy Addison-Altman - Soap opera star who appeared in "The Guiding Light", "All My Children" and for many years on "Ryan's Hope" died of adenocarcinoma at age 54.
Albert Band - Hollywood producer of such classics as "I Bury The Dead", "The Invisible Avenger" and "Troll" died at age 78.
James Wayne Boyer - Rockabilly Hall of Famer and guitarist known for his long association with rocker Billy Swan died of cancer at age 60.
Chang Cheh - Distinguished Chinese kung fu filmmaker who helped turn Bruce Lee and John Woo into stars died of pulmonary disease at age 79.
Matt Dennis – Pianist, singer and composer known for penning the classic "Angel Eyes" and singing on a pair of top 10 hits with Paul Weston Orchestra ("Linda" and "Ole Buttermilk Sky") died at age 88.
John Entwistle - Bassist for The Who and the only Who member with formal music training died of a heart attack at age 57.
Dolores Gray - Singer, dancer, Tony award-winning Broadway star and actress who appeared in films like "The Opposite Sex" and "Kismet" and had the Top 20 hit in 1951 "Shrimp Boats" died of a heart attack at age 78.
Randy Jones – Doo-wop singer who was an original member of the Penguins died after a stroke at ??
Robert Lenski - T.V. writer whose credits inclued "Kojak", "Cannon", "Barnaby Jones" and many TV movies died of cancer at age 74.
Nellie Monk – Widow of jazz legend Thelonious Monk whom the song "Crepuscule With Nellie" was about died of a cerebral hemorrhage at age 80.
Johnny Morrow – The grating-voiced lead singer of the British heavy-metal band Iron Monkey died of kidney failure at age 27.
Berl Senofsky – One of America's greatest violinists and mentor to many violinists in orchestras all around the country died of lung and heart disease at age 77.
Duane West – Member of the Jordanaires from 1982 to 1999 died of cancer at age 61.

Pedro Alcazar – Flyweight boxer with a record of 25-0-1 died suddenly of brain injuries 3 days after losing the WBO title in a fight with Fernando Montiel. He was 26.
Jay Berwanger – Winner of the first Heisman trophy in 1939 at the University of Chicago (once a powerhouse in the Big 10) and first player ever drafted by the NFL died of lung cancer at age 88.
Derrek Dickey – Former NBA player who won a championship with Golden State in 1975 and was later an announcer for ESPN, Sacremento Kings and Chicago Bulls died of a heart attack at age 51.
Choi Hong Hi – The "the father of Taekwon-Do" developed in the 1950's as a combination of taek kyon and karate died at age 83.
Daryl Kile - Major League Baseball pitcher for last 11 years for Colorado, Houston and St. Louis (20 game winner in 2000) was found dead in his hotel room in Chicago apparently of a coronary artery blockage at age 33.
Ron Kline - 19-year Major league pitcher known as the "Callery Hummer" mostly as a reliever with the Pittsburgh Pirates died of kidney problems at age 70.
George Paterno - Longtime Penn State football broadcaster and brother of coach Joe Paterno died of a heart attack at age 73.
Bobby Roberts - Head basketball coach at Clemson from 1962-1970 who is the only Clemson coach to post consecutive winning ACC records died of lung cancer at age 74.
Joe Scott – Founder and former owner of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team died at age 93.
John “Strike” Strzykalski – Running back and original member of the San Francisco 49’ers in the old AAFC who broke his nose 8 times during his career died of undisclosed causes at age 79.

Art & Literature
John Dempsey – Cartoonist whose drawings have appeared in nearly every issue of Playboy (often his cartoons were set in nudist camps) died after a stroke at age 83 (May 18th).
Elizabeth Douvan – Social psychologist and author who wrote "The Adolescent Experience", "Feminine Personality and Conflict" and "The Inner American" at died age 76.
Phil Interlandi – Cartoonist best know for drawing "Queenie" in Playboy magazine died of liver disease at age 78 (terrible week for Playboy cartoonists).
Ann Landers (Esther Lederer) - Advice columnist whose column ran in papers across the country for 45 years died of multiple myeloma at age 83.
Wilmer "Slick" Lawson – Photographer known best for album covers for Willie Nelson and Dr. Hook (among others) died of heart failure at age 65.
Helen Nielsen – Mystery writer who penned "Sing Me A Murder" and "Woman Missing" as well as scripts for TV shows like "Perry Mason" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" died of undisclosed causes at age 83.
Philip Whalen – Beat generation poet and Zen priest who was a calming influence during the San Francisco renaissance that changed American poetry during the 50's and 60's died of a heart aliment at age 78.
Timothy White - Editor-in-chief of Billboard magazine and a giant in music journalism died of a heart attack at age 50.

Politics and Social
Rusty Bernstein - A white, Jewish, Communist, anti-apartheid activist who was tried for sabotage with Nelson Mandela but was later released died of a heart attack at age 82. (see )
David O. Cooke - Known as "mayor of the Pentagon", civil servant who was Director of Administration and Management at the Pentagon for decades died in a car accident at 82.
Justin Dart - Activist considered one of the fathers of the Americans With Disabilities Act,the landmark 1990 civil rights law for the disabled, died at age 71.
Miles Fitzalan-Howard - The 17th Duke of Norfolk, England's most senior nobleman who as Duke was the senior Catholic layman, responsible for state ceremonies and head of the College of Arms died at age 86.
Willie Fay Lewis - Founder of Lighthouse For The Blind organization which provides training and work for those without sight died at age 96.
Fadzil Noor - Malaysian political leader and president of the fundamentalist Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party died from complications after heart bypass surgury at age 65.
Homaira Shah - Former queen of Afghanistan and wife of ex-monarch Mohammad Zaher Shah who stayed behind when her husband returned to Afghanistan after 29 years in exile died of a heart attack at age 84.
Dr. Albert Solnit - Psychiatrist and author of the "...Best Interests of the Child" books that helped revolutionize the way courts viewed custody disputes was killed in a car accident at age 82.
Taiyo - The giraffe who won the hearts of the Japanese people after losing it's leg in an altercation with a zebra (damn zebras) and was fitted for an artificial leg died from complications to his injuries at 10 months.
Pierre Werner - Former Prime Minister of Luxembourg who developed a plan for the Eurodollar in 1970 died at age 88.
John Wirth - Historian and expert in Latin American affairs died of a heart aneurysm while giving an address in Canada at age 66.

Business & Science
I.W. "Tubby" Burnham - Founder of the investment firm Burnham Financial Group died at age 93.
Daniel Case III - CEO of JPMorgan H&Q and brother of AOL's Steve Case who was one of the most influential bankers that helped shift investing strategies to high-tech companies in the 90's died of brain cancer at age 44.
Robert Dorfman - Harvard economist who researched linear programming and environmental economics died at age 85.
Sam Penner - Patriarch of the family-owned Penner's Men's Clothing Stores died at age 92 just 10 days after the death of his son Mickey.
Harold Visotsky - Psychiatrist who pushed the idea of opening psychiatric units at general hospitals which was adopted by most of the nation died of bone marrow cancer at age 78.

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